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Jefa de Estado participa en desayuno de Mujeres Líderes de APEC
Prensa Presidencia. Chile

Presidential Style
Indulge Magazine
by Jane Wooldridge

Lucha Constante
Club. Reforma 
by Salvador Angulo Blanco

El Nuevo Herald
by Brenda Medina

The Miami Herald

Felicia Knaul plays role throughout campus life, expands title of ‘First Lady’

The Miami Hurricane

Much of World Suffers Not From Abuse of Painkillers, but Absence of Them
The New York Times
By Rick Gladstone

Ocean Drive Magazzine
By Becky Randel

Women’s contribution to health underrecognized, undervalued
Harvard Gazzete

Miami Hurricane

Harvard Gazzete

Health economist and breast cancer survivor Felicia Knaul wants accessible cancer care in low- and middle-income countries.

Harvard Gazette
Felicia Knaul, head of the Harvard Global Equity Initiative, believes NCDFREE goes a step beyond advocacy to capacity-building by raising the profile ...

Felicia Knaul
I have seen, heard, and read about many atrocities that stem from lack of access to health care in low- and middle-income countries. Out of all of them, I think the issue that has most upset me is the lack of access to pain control that plagues so many poor...


Closing the NCD Divide:
A Matter of Equity and Social Justice
Benn Grover and Felicia M. Knaul

Jonathan D. Quick
Felicia Knaul
On this World Cancer Day, we celebrate the remarkable progress in prevention, detection, care and treatment of cancer. Overall, treatment success has increased dramatically, with survival rates in high income countries like the U.S. now reaching over 90...

Nalini Saligram
Felicia Knaul
The upcoming Rio+20 Conference ( June 20-22, 2012) is a pivotal moment for leaders across the world to come together to find solutions to many of the issues that plague the planet. The conference will focus on important issues core to sustainability, including decent jobs,...

Felicia Knaul
For the poor, cancer remains a silent killer. Breaking this silence could save hundreds of thousands and likely even millions of lives each year -- most of them in developing, low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Felicia Knaul
March 8th is observed around the world as International Women's Day -- an opportunity to reflect on many aspects of the well-being of the world´s women including health...